Campus resources

Student Health Counseling Services (314) 362-2404

  • Dr. Allyson Bass, Staff Psychiatrist
  • Dr Gladys Smith, Sexual Violence Prevention Therapist and licensed Psychologist
  • Dr. April Allen, Staff Psychologist
  • Dr. Kenton Wertman, Staff Psychologist
  • Student Health Service (314) 362-3523
  • WUSM Security & Law Enforcement  (314) 362 – HELP (4357)
  •  Dr. Nichole Zehnder (314) 362-6843
  • NexGen – Student Assistance Program (800) 327-2255

Anonymous reporting – You can talk with us

Gladys Smith, Sexual Violence Prevention Therapist and Licensed Psychologist, (314) 362-2404 or

Kim Webb, Director for the Office of Sexual Assault and Community Health Service,(314) 935-8761 or

Devoted to addressing the needs of those who have been victimized and providing education and active opportunities to effect community change related to sexual violence issues, attitudes and behaviors. Washington University is dedicated to creating a safe learning community that is free from violence. No one deserves to be abused. If you’re experiencing abuse, we want to work with you to create safety and proactively address the issues at hand. Contact for questions or assistance regarding past or current sexual violence. We are here to support you. You can file an anonymous report.

Jessica Kennedy, Title IX Coordinator, (314) 935-3118

All students have the right and are encouraged to file a formal complaint in the event of sexual harassment, which includes sexual violence, experienced as a student. As the Title IX Coordinator, Jessica Kennedy is dedicated to ensuring campus safety by proactively addressing all complaints. Jessica can meet with students individually to hear their complaints or refer to an appropriate campus resource. A report to the Title IX Coordinator does not preclude your right to file a report with the police and seek criminal prosecution if you are a victim of rape, sexual assault or other sexual offenses. ​​​

Community resources

Local hospitals:

  • Barnes/Jewish Hospital (314) 362-9123
  • Missouri Baptist Hospital (314) 996-5225

Hot lines and advocacy

YWCA Women’s Resource Center Program is available free of charge. The mission of the YWCA Women’s Resource Center is to provide support and advocacy to victims of sexual assault and abuse within the St. Louis Metropolitan area, to help coordinate services provided to victims, and to serve as a resource on issues regarding awareness and prevention of sexual assault and abuse. For more details please review:

  • YWCA St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center – 140 N. Brentwood Blvd., St Louis, MO, 63105, (314) 726-6665
  • Rape and Violence End Now (Raven) (314) 645-2075
    Individual and group therapy for men who abuse women physically or emotionally.
  • Hotline (314) 531(RAPE)-7273.
    Offers crisis intervention at hospitals (Sexual Assault Response Team). Counseling is at no cost to the client. Therapy peer groups are also available.
  • Women’s Support and Community Services (314) 531-2003
    Offers a 24-hr. crisis hotline for women who have experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Individual counseling is also offered.
  • Crime Victim Advocacy Center (314) 658-4357  Offers a 7-day, 24-hour hotline for victims of all types of crime.  Provides emotional first aid, information and referral
  • Life Crisis Services (314) 647-HELP (4357) Offers a 7-day, 24-hour hotline, especially for suicide prevention. 
  • Text “HELP” to (314) 226-1147.
  • If you are having thoughts of suicide or feel suicidal, call for help immediately.Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.