Student Health Service is always available via phone or email while away from campus during normal business hours (314) 362-3523 or after hours by emailing Dr Winters at: (the after hour service is not for routine calls or benefit questions). In most cases, student needs can be met over the phone or by email, saving a visit to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care. While away from campus, students’ outpatient care are not covered unless approved by Student Health Services.


Student Health will supply up to six months of routine mediation upon request, monthly co-payment applies. Students should call Student Health one week prior to leaving to request medication for the time away on clinical rotation.

Students and covered dependents may also obtain approved prescriptions at an off-campus retail pharmacy. Students must pay in full at the time of service and seek reimbursement from Student Health Service. As long as the medications were per-approved or coordinated through Student Health Services in advance, Student Health Service will reimburse students eighty percent (80%) of the charges. Covered medications are limited to generic form drugs, unless a generic form is unavailable or dispensing the name brand drug was per-approved by Student Health Service.

When an eligible student requires medical services because of an accident or sickness, benefits are payable as follows:

Emergency/urgent care services – NO per- approval or referral required – only next business day notification.

Student Health Services provides coverage for medical emergencies. Medical emergencies mean the sudden, unexpected onset of a medical condition so severe that failure to receive immediate medical care might place your life in jeopardy or cause serious impairment to bodily functions.

Expenses for treatment in an emergency room for an injury or acute illness and follow-up services of a doctor, an x-ray, lab test, or 5 physical therapy visits within 90 days of the date of original care is considered part of the eligible emergency room expense which is payable as follows:

  •  $50 co-payment due at the time seen.
  • Expenses above $150 payable at 80%
  • There are no benefits for outpatient care away from the Student Health Service unless you are referred the emergency room.
  • Prescriptions filled away from the Student Health Service 50% reimbursable. Submit receipt for reimbursement.
  • If required to pay service fee at the time seen (self-pay), submit receipt for reimbursement less your responsibility.

Students must report all emergency room visits to Student Health Services the following business day.  You will be responsible for charges incurred if you fail to comply with this notification requirement. Students also will be asked to assist in retrieving reports required from all medical care providers before bills can be processed for payment.

Student Health Service, WUSM
660 South Euclid Ave., Box 8030
St. Louis, Missouri 63110
Phone: (314) 362-2346
Fax: (314) 362-0058

Upon receipt of the appropriate medical records, all payments will be made directly to the providers of service, unless the student submits proof of payment for reimbursement.

If the student is covered by any other valid and collectible medical insurance, all bills must be submitted to that plan FIRST.  Student Health Service will accept responsibility for any balances due or deductible amount.

Inpatient hospitalization services

Student Health Services provides coverage for hospitalizations if certified by Student Health Services. Generally, hospitalization should be at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, and Missouri Baptist Medical Center, or at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital if a covered child. Professional care provided during hospitalization by Student Health Services staff, or in the case of a Covered Child, Forest Park Pediatrics, and other physicians within the Student Health Services In-Network and per-approved through Student Health Services will also be covered.
All inpatient admissions, including length of stay, must notify Student Health Services either three (3) business days prior for planned admissions or two (2) business days following emergency admissions. In the event of an emergency, you, your representative, your physician, or the hospital should telephone Student Health Services. Notification does not guarantee the payment of benefits for inpatient admission. Each claim is subject to eligibility, benefits, and medical necessity review and a review of adherence to notification guidelines in accordance with this booklet.

If a student is hospitalized at an in-network hospital (i.e., Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, or Missouri Baptist Medical Center), the student is responsible for a co-payment of $500 per hospital inpatient admission. Student Health Services will pay 100% of the remaining covered expenses.

If the student is hospitalized at an out-network hospital, Student Health Services will pay 80% of the reasonable and customary covered expenses and the student will be responsible for 20% of such expenses.

The student must authorize a physician to send a copy of your Discharge Summary to Student Health Services before bills will be processed for payment.

Benefits also include private duty nursing services provided by a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse only when the services are of such a nature that they cannot be provided by non-professional personnel and can only be provided by a licensed health care provider. Private duty nursing services includes teaching and monitoring of complex care skills such as tracheotomy suctioning, medical equipment use and monitoring to home caregivers and is not intended to provide for long term supportive care. Private duty nursing does not include custodial care service.

Travel outside of the U.S.

Student Health Services does not provide any coverage for students traveling outside of the United States. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the medical plan for international travel and may obtain more information on that plan from Student Health Services.

Ambulance expenses

For travel directly to or from a hospital, ambulance expenses are covered at 80%, after a deductible 20% coinsurance.

NexGen-Student Assistance Program

Get connected with a mental health professional anywhere, anytime, anyplace. NexGen is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL benefit. Please text or call 1-800-327-2255 ~  Live Chat Online at or use the NexGen EAP mobile app. (Company ID 8591)


Review your immunization requirements prior to leaving the area.  Immunizations (including the Flu, COVID vaccine or TB skin testing) are not covered outside Student Health office.

Outpatient Care

Student Health Services will only cover the costs of services obtained outside of Student Health Services if those services have been per-approved by and/or coordinated through Student Health Services. This includes any laboratory testing, consultations, or procedures. Out of network benefit will apply.  You will be responsible for 20% co-insurance.  Routine appointments will not be approved (pap, routine eye exam).

Covid-19 testing

Asymptomatic, non-exposed students who would like to be tested for personal use such as per-travel or family visits. This is not covered by Student Health Service.