Scheduling an appointment

The Student Health Service (SHS) is a multidisciplinary facility conveniently located on campus and dedicated to providing quality health care to WUSM students and their covered family members. The well qualified staff consists of physicians, nurses, psychologist, and other medical support personnel. The Health Service is open Mondays – Friday from 8 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.. SHS is closed Saturday, Sundays, and University holidays.  Dependent Children who are enrolled in the Student Health plan are not eligible to be treated at the Student Health Center.  Pediatric primary care appointment.

Our services do require appointments.To schedule an appointment with a Student Health physician, please call (314) 362-3523 option #1 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.Telephone early in the day if you need to be seen the same day, these limited slots for same-day fill quickly.  We try to offer appointments based on urgency.  For routine appointments allow 1 – 2 weeks. International travel appointments less than 6 weeks prior to departure will not be permitted and not covered by Student Health Service.

Need an Appointment?

We offer 2 easy ways for you to make an appointment to see a clinician at Student Health:

  • In Person

Go to Student Health located at 4525 Scott Ave, Suite 3420 (3rd Floor), and speak with a receptionist.

  • By Telephone

Call 314-362-3523 option 1 and speak with a receptionist.

It is important that you come prepared for your appointment and are on time.

  • arrive at least 5 minutes early.
  • appointments will be forfeited if you are late.  There will be a missed appointment fee

Cancellations and tardiness

The Student Health Services “no-show” policy dictates that students who miss their appointment, arrives late OR fails to cancel an appointment immediately prior to the scheduled appointment, will be charged a $20 “no-show” fee.

Please notify us in advance if you cannot make an appointment so we can give your appointment time to someone else.

This policy is in place to ensure that students are seen as quickly as possible.  Students who arrive late, fail to show up for appointments, or cancel at the last second, unfairly deprive other students of timely access to care.

Walk-in procedures

While the nursing staff can accommodate walk-ins, we encourage patients to call first, (314) 362-3523, to schedule an appointment or to obtain health advice. Calling us ahead of time allows us to plan our schedule to accommodate your needs, ensuring the staff will be available. Student Health Services is not staffed to operate as a walk-in clinic.

The nursing staff is available between 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., if your problem is urgent and a physician is not available. The nursing staff can provide initial assessment for medical problems, help to facilitate appointments, provide routine immunizations, and offer advice on common health concerns and questions. Calling ahead of time allows us to plan our schedule to accommodate your needs, ensuring the staff will be available .  Call (314) 362-3523 option #3 to speak with the nursing staff.

Please see our after hours care procedures for what to do when the Student Health Service is closed.