Full on-site pharmacy

Student Health Services maintains a full on-site prescription medication dispensary, and most medications are provided at the time seen. For medications received from the Student Health Services on-site prescription medication dispensary, students will be responsible for 20% co-insurance, depending on the type of medication and cost. Call Student Health Services to ensure that a medication is stocked. Requests for refills may be emailed to ​StudentHealthService@wusm.wustl.edu or called in at (314) 362-3523, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Allow four hours for refilling. If, at any time, a student is unable to pick up medication during normal business hours, they may request that the medication be placed in the after-hours lock box outside the door of Student Health Service.

Payment is taken at time of service at the reception desk. Student Health accepts cash, check, or credit (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).

Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) pharmacy

If a medication is NOT available through Student Health Services on-site prescription medicine dispensary, students will be given a prescription to fill at the CAM Pharmacy. Covered children are not eligible to utilize Student Health Services prescription medication dispensary and instead should fill all covered medication at the CAM pharmacy. Please present a medical benefit identification card and primary insurance card if applicable when picking up medication.  Only medication with prior approval will be filled through a retail pharmacy.

The cost of prescriptions filled at CAM pharmacy will be charged to Student Health Services. As long as the medications are per-approved by or coordinated through Student Health Services in advance, Student Health Services will cover 80% of the charges and bill the student for a 20% coinsurance payment, which is payable to Student Health Service. If the medications are not approved by or coordinated through Student Health Services in advance, there is no coverage and the student will be responsible for the entire cost of the prescription.

4924 Parkview Place
3rd Floor
St. Louis, MO 63110
Phone: (314) 657-9006

Off-campus  Retail pharmacy

Students and Covered Dependents may also obtain approved prescriptions at an off campus retail pharmacy. You must pay in full at the time of service and seek reimbursement from Student Health Service. So long as the medications were per-approved or coordinated through Student Health Services in advance, Student Health Service will reimburse you eighty percent (80%) of the charges. Covered medications are limited to Generic form drugs, unless a Generic form is unavailable or dispensing the Name Brand drug was per-approved by Student Health Service.

After hours lock box

If, at any time, a student is unable to pick up medication during normal business hours, the student may request that the medication be placed in the after-hours lock box outside the door of Student Health Services.

Requesting a medication refill

Student Health now has two methods for requesting a refill of a prescription:

Via email, student should:

    1. Go to their school email account
    2. Email to: ​StudentHealthService@wusm.wustl.edu
    3. Subject line: [secure] Prescription (Rx) Refill Requests
    4. Type medication name and # of days or supply requested.
    5. Request:  pick-up or place in the after hour safe. The after-hour safe is available for those who have conflicts with normal business hours.
    6. Program: Medical, Physcial Therapy, Occupational Therapy, DBBS, MSIBS, PACs, Master of Population

Students can also call the SHS office: 

    1. During normal business hours Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm call 314-362-3523
    2. Medication emails will be checked every hour
    3. The student will be contacted in case of discrepancies.
    4. For medications placed in the after-hours safe, payment will be required prior to placement.
    5. For medication pick up, payment will be required at that time.

The preferred and most convenient method for most students is requesting a refill by email. No matter which method the student uses, they will need to provide specific information to complete the request. Students can assume that their refill is being processed and will be available for pick-up next business day after the request is received. Please remember that the medication dispensary is closed on weekends and holidays and you will not receive communication regarding your request unless we have a question.

Specialty Medications Costing Over $250 per month:

For Student Health Service covered medications dispensed at Student Health Services exceeding $250.00 per month per prescription, you will be responsible for a twenty percent (20%) coinsurance payment for medication approved by Student Health. For Specialty Medication Over $250 dispensed outside Student Health Service dispensary are NOT covered. For such medications, you are encouraged to apply for patient assistance. Patient assistance programs are available from many drug companies for those people whom are UN-insured. Patients needing assistance are encouraged to speak with the providers office or search for programs applicable to their medication at rxassist.org to access application forms and contact information. Eligibility for each program varies and often depends on income.

Travel abroad medication

Student Health Services will provide recommended medications when traveling. Student Health Services will cover 20% of the cost of such medications and students are responsible for the remaining cost.  If a program is sponsoring the travel, the student’s medication expenses may be able to be added to the grant or travel budget. Contact the program’s coordinator for more information.

Limitations of coverage

Student Health Services prescription drug benefits do not cover:

  • medication filled from an outside pharmacy without Student Health Services approval
  • Specialty Drugs filled outside of Student Health Service
  • over-the-counter drugs – unless recommended by physician
  • weight reduction drugs
  • drugs used for cosmetic purposes
  • performance-lifestyle drugs