If I have my own insurance do I have to enroll in the WUSM Student Health Plan?

All WUSM full-time, medical students are automatically charged for the health fee and enrolled in the mandatory Student Health Services Plan at the time they register for classes. There is no waiver for this fee based on existing health insurance coverage.

Who is eligible?

The Student Health Service is a mandatory self-funded program of services available to full-time students enrolled in the medical or allied professional schools of Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine (WUSM). All WUSM full-time, medical students are automatically charged for the health fee and enrolled in the Student Health Service. There is no waiver for this fee based on existing health insurance coverage.

Participation in the Washington University School of Medicine Student Health Service is required for all full-time medical students on the medical campus. Part-time students, Danforth campus students and their dependents are not eligible to participate in the WUSM Student Health Service.

A full-time student’s eligible dependents may also participate in the service.

When does coverage begin and end?

All Student Health Services benefits take effect on the date coverage otherwise begins and all eligibility criteria are met, continue so long as the student maintains full-time student status, and, except for Hospital and Emergency Room services, cease on the date the Student withdraws, graduates, or completes a course of study by submitting thesis paperwork to the appropriate office, or the date a covered dependent withdraws from coverage and ceases payment of the access fee. Hospitalization and emergency room benefits ceases thirty (30) days after the student graduates, withdraws, or completes a course of study by submitting all thesis paperwork to the appropriate office, or the date a Covered Dependent withdraws from coverage and ceases payment of the access fee. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the student graduates at the conclusion of the spring semester, hospitalization and emergency room benefits for the student and his or her covered dependents will continue until July 1 or the date the student’s internship begins, whichever comes first.

What are my options after graduating or leaving the school?

Your program and graduation date will determine when your benefits end.  It may take several weeks to complete the enrollment process for new coverage, so begin your search early.

Does WUSM Student Health offer COBRA plan?

There is no extension of coverage/COBRA through Student Health.  If you do not have the option to enroll in health insurance through a relative or employer, review the information below for additional options.

  • HealthCare.gov This U.S. Department of Health & Human Services site provides information on health insurance options by state; not all states have comprehensive health plans available without restrictions to new members. If you plan to move , review the information on this website now, and plan accordingly based on your health care needs.  OR call the BJC Marketplace Navigator for personal assistants at 1-855-747-4994 for an appointment to maximize your benefits.
Can I enroll my eligible spouse/domestic partner or dependent child?
  • Not eligible for coverage through school or employer;
  • Denied coverage in the marketplace.

Students may enroll their eligible Dependents in the program by paying an additional Student Health Service access fee. The Student Health Service access fee for all covered dependents must be paid directly to Student Health Services at the time of enrollment.  Enrollment application must be made through the Student Health Services, 4525 Scott Ave., Suite 3420.

Students may enroll dependents into this program only at the following times:

  • At the time the student enrolls in WUSM (at student matriculation), or
  • Within thirty-one (31) days of a Qualifying Event, as defined below.
How do I find my assigned dental provider or change providers?

If you do not know the dentist you currently assigned to, please call customer service at 800-380-6347 with you member id # (contact student health for this number).

You have the opportunity to change your assigned dentist once a month.  To search for a dentist, please go to www.sunlife.com/findadentist .   You can search for a dentist by typing in your group ID 915511.  You may also select the state (Missouri) from the drop-down box under the DHMO/prepaid plan as well.

I am going to travel abroad. Am I covered by Student Health while out of the U.S. ?

Student Health provides no coverage while the student or family member is aboard. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the very affordable medical plan for international travel.

Information regarding travel insurance is available through Student Health Services. Enrollment with International Student Identity Card (ISIC) includes limited travel benefits.

Can I use a credit card at SHS?

Yes, We accept Discover, Visa and MasterCard as well as cash, personal checks.

Do I have to pay for my vaccines?

This is a complicated question. Basically, the answer depends on which vaccine and the circumstances that require you getting it. Influenza vaccine is always free. There is no charge for annual TB testing. All other situations will have to be reviewed by Student Health.

Is Gardasil (Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine) available at Student Health?

Gardasil vaccine is available in the SHS.

For female or male not listed below over the age of 26 the cost per dose is $180.00.

The three vaccine doses are given over six months according to the following schedule:

  • First dose: Now
  • Second dose: 2 months after Dose 1
  • Third dose: 6 months after Dose 1

It is recommended for women ages 11-26, as well as for men having sex with men. It may also be given to men ages 11-26. You do not need to be screened for HPV infection prior to receiving the vaccine. Ideally it is recommended for girls before they become sexually active, when it offers the most protection, but since it does cover 4 HPV types, women who have already had an HPV infection will gain protection against types they have not had. It has not yet been tested for safety and effectiveness in women over 26.

The links below will take you to more information about the vaccine.

What if I get a needlestick? Or blood splashes in my eye? Or I experience a sexual assault?

These are all clinical emergencies and you should contact Student Health immediately! The Student Health maintains a 24-hour reporting system. During working hours, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. the office can be reached at 314-362-3523. After hours the Health Service can be contacted through the digital beeper at 314-871-2966.

Who does the gynecology exams at the Student Health Service?

Dr Karen Winters has extensive experience in women’s health.  Student Health provides well women exams free of charge.