The expertise, dedication, and stewardship of the professionals in the Office of Student Health Service have earned the continued support of the university and its students.

Karen S. Winters, MD
1994 – present

Cathy Hermann, MD
2023 – present

Clinical Program Manager
Betty Feagans
1993 – present (full time)

Staff Nurses
Deeni Alexander, RN
2006 – present (full time)

Jennifer Reneau, RN
2022 – present (full time)

Medical Assistant III
Latrese Titley
2022 – present (full time)

Medical Secretary III
Terry Davidson
2023 – present (full time)

Staff Psychologists
April Allen, PhD
2020 – present (full time)

Gladys Smith, PhD
2017 – present (full time)

Kenton Wertman, PhD
2015 – present (part time)

Staff Psychiatrist
Allyson Bass, MD
2015 – present (part time)