Welcome to Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (WUSM). Student Health Services (SHS) will help students achieve optimal health as they pursue academic success. In order to accomplish those goals, SHS ensures all incoming medical degree seeking students complete all pre-matriculation requirements (entrance forms). All incoming medical degree seeking students to WUSM are required to meet certain entrance health requirements. These entrance requirements include vaccination proof, proof of immunity to certain communicable diseases, in accordance with immunization guidelines, a physical within one year of matriculation. These requirements are based on CDC recommendations and requirements of the major WUSM-affiliated teaching hospitals.

The information is required for participation in the clinical programs. Incomplete information may result in a delay in a student’s ability to register for classes. The student alone is responsible for insuring that all these forms are complete and current. A copy of all material including updates must be kept by each student at all times. Students should provide updates, additions, and/or changes as they occur or as requested.

We look forward to working with each student during their time here. Learn more in our frequently asked questions for new students.

Personal Gender Pronouns and Chosen Names

We strive to honor the identities of students by using personal gender pronouns (PGP) and chosen names. Students can add or change their chosen name by notifying the office.

Washington University in St Louis Preferred Name Policy

Your legal name an sex assigned at birth are required, however, for certain medical documents.

Why does Student Health Services need my full, legal name?

Student Health Services (SHS) must have your legal name on all medical documents because they are legal documents.  SHS will have a place holder in your medical record for your preferred name.  We will need to identify you by your legal name on certain occasions during your visit but will use your preferred name when possible.

 Why must my sex be used for medical visits instead of my gender identity?

A person’s birth sex is a primary state of anatomic or physiologic parameters.  Physiological change is different between the male and female sex.  Medical conditions between males and females are often different between the two sexes and may require different forms of treatment.  Some lab values are also reported differently between the sexes.  SHS will recognize your preferred gender but will use your sex for your legal medical document and treatments.