The Student Health Services Benefit Plan is a program of services available to full-time students enrolled in the medical or allied professional schools of Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine (WUSM). The Student Health Services is a self-funded program of services, not a commercial  insurance.

Washington University Student Health Services intends to continue this Plan, but reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, change, revise, or amend the plan with proper notice. This Student Health Benefit is not to be construed as a contract.

The Student Health Service is supported solely by the fees paid by full-time students of WUSM. Only those services approved by and coordinated through the Student Health Service are covered. The cost of all other care, unless given prior approval, is the responsibility of the student.

**Student Health Services covers expenses not covered by private insurance, or in the absence of private insurance. If you have private insurance, all bills should be submitted to your insurer before filing through the Student Health Service.**

For more information, please contact Betty Feagans at (314) 362-2346 or