The Student Health Service is a mandatory program of services available to full-time students enrolled in the medical or allied professional schools of Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine (WUSM). Students do not have the option to decline the Student Health Plan. The service is supported solely by the fees paid by full-time students of WUSM. Only those services approved by and coordinated through the Student Health Service are covered. The cost of all other care, unless given prior approval, is the responsibility of the student.

Student Health Services covers expenses not covered by private insurance, or in the absence of private insurance. If a student has private insurance, all bills should be submitted to that insurer before filing through the Student Health Service.

Students and Washington University share in the cost of the Student Health Services plan. Full-time WUSM students will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Services program of services upon registration for classes. Students may enroll their eligible dependents in the program by submitting an enrollment form and paying the applicable Student Health Service access fee within 31 days of a qualifying event as defined below. The access fee will depend on the eligible dependents the student chooses to enroll.

All Student Health Services benefits take effect on the date coverage otherwise begins, continue so long as the Student maintains full-time student status, and, except for hospital and emergency room services, cease on the date the student withdraws, graduates, or completes a course of study by submitting thesis paperwork to the appropriate office, or the date a covered dependent withdraws from coverage and ceases payment of the access fee. Hospitalization and emergency room benefits ceases thirty (30) days after the student graduates, withdraws, or completes a course of study by submitting all thesis paperwork to the appropriate office, or the date a covered dependent withdraws from coverage and ceases payment of the access fee.

The Student Health Service access fee for all covered dependents must be paid directly to Student Health Services. The entire first month’s payment is due at the time of enrollment and will not be pro-rated if enrollment occurs after the first day of the month. The access fee for each eligible dependent is:

  • Spouse or domestic partner: $4,560.00 per year ($380 per month)
  • Eligible child: $2,016.00 per year ($168.00 per month) per child.
    • will add a $80 monthly surcharge to the plan access fee for students electing to enroll a child who is eligible for health premiums through someone other than the student. The surcharge will be in addition to the applicable Washington University School of Medicine Student Health access fee

Enrollment application must be made at the Student Health Services office at 4525 Scott Ave., Suite 3420.

Student contributions and access fees are subject to review, and Washington University reserves the right to change student contribution or access fee amounts at any time upon 60 days notice. Students can obtain current contribution rates and access fees by calling Student Health Service.

Certificates of coverage

If you or a covered dependent lose your Student Health Service benefits, you may request a certificate of coverage from Student Health Service. The certificate of coverage is available at no cost to you. The certificate will state the length of time you (or your covered dependent) had uninterrupted medical coverage. The certificate of coverage may allow you to reduce any pre-existing condition limits that apply to future medical coverage.

Please note that certificates are not automatically provided until you request. You may request a certificate of coverage for up to 24 months from the date your coverage ended.

Identification card

At the time of orientation, all new students will be given a SHS benefit Cards. This card should be shown to all caregivers outside of our offices to ensure proper billing.

A Student Health Service identification card will be issued to you and each of your covered dependents. Carry your identification card with you at all times and show it to your health care provider whenever you receive medical care. If your card is lost or stolen, a replacement card may be pick-up at the front desk of Student Health during normal business hours.

Only students and their covered dependents are permitted to use the identification card. It is illegal to loan a card to persons who are not covered under Student Health Service.