For more information please email Dr Smith: smithgladys@wustl.eduDates
Healing Recovery Survivor Group
Zoom link
The focus of this group is to help survivors heal in a space of community through a unique healing journey and self-care methods. Survivors can look forward to finding trust and confidentiality in this group where they can talk about their common experiences and the ways that people heal from sexual assault.
September 2023 – April- 2024
Meets 5pm- 6 pm Bi-weekly Starts September 13th Held Live online
Bystander Education- Green Dot -Monthly offering and by request   WORKSHOP  Learn how to respond as a bystander at work community member, and even in other situations. 
Zoom link   –
Mondays at 12:00 pm online (in person upon request)
R.A.D. – Self Defensecall for schedule
Stress Less – Meditation sessionscall for schedule
DBT groupcall for schedule
Trauma Survivors Groupcall for schedule
Green Dotcall for schedule
Presence in orientation and digital/Web and paper presenceAugust/September
LGBTQ and Allies Trauma & Mental HealthDecember/March
Healing Feelings– A somatic experiencing & Mindfulness group held
Zoom link-
The goal is to teach participants tools to assist in healing emotional pain, anxiety, stress, and depressive symptoms. Participants will learn breathing techniques, guided imagery, and light movement.
monthly 3rd Tuesdays at Noon starting on September 19th 12pm to 12:45 ends April 16, 2024
BIPOC Restorative Yoga   
 zoom link-
A yoga class for those that identify and Black, indigenous or a person of color- We will use the principles of Restorative yoga for healing from the impact of racial stress and microaggressions, or the impact of daily life stress. Blanket, pillow, and comfortable surface/Mat- suggested book Gail Parker- Restorative Yoga for Race-based Stress/Trauma
Monthly Thursday Class Starts 9/14/2023
Healthy Relationships and YouOctober/April
Stalking Awareness Month and EducationJanuary
Substance Abuse education program4 week education program
Partner with Protective ServicesDecember/March
Domestic Violence Awareness
Domestic Violence Awareness Walk (On Campus) 7pm to 8 pm
The kickoff of Domestic Violence Awareness Month- snacks and info provided.
a workshop that helps participants understand the impact of violence in relationships, and how this impacts all of us. Receive your ribbon and learn a lot about a sensitive topic.
October 2, 2023, 12:00-12:45 FLTC (TBD) WORKSHOP   
Take Back the Day educationApril
Partner with Washington University Relationship and Sexual Violence PreventionTBA
Partner with Title IX servicesTBA
Community ResourcesTBA