Enliven Therapy LLC

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St Louis, MO 63105
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Specialties include: secondary trauma, burnout, and moral injury among helping professionals; sexual health and well-being; identity issues, especially LGBTQIA+; interpersonal and relationship challenges; unconventional and expansive lives

Therapy modalities: I draw from a variety of modalities including psychodynamic, interpersonal, existential, and feminist therapies. I utilize elements of CBT and DBT when it is of benefit and interest to the client. I work with individuals as well as with couples and partners.

Deciding to pursue therapy is a very personal decision. I offer a space to encounter yourself in a new way and work towards inhabiting yourself more fully. To me, therapy is a conversation with some special quirks, where my role is to remain curious and listen while guiding the focus of our exploration. I challenge clients by asking “are you willing to go there?,” offering support along the way, and ensuring a soft place to land when it is time to take a step back. In my work, I blend genuineness and warmth with humor and irreverence. I view therapy as an open, non-judgmental place to bring your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences and explore them within the context of a compassionate and collaborative therapeutic relationship.

My hope is for you to regain your liveliness and vitality. I specialize in working with helping professionals and medical providers around how their work impacts them as well as how their personal histories interact with their professional lives. I also frequently work with and have additional training addressing aspects of sexual health and well-being, relationships, and identity. I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to therapy. Together, we determine the focus for therapy based on your goals and priorities. I’m fortunate to have trained in a variety of treatment modalities and find it most successful to dialogue with my clients and decide what approach to take together. I work with people of all identities and cultivate an environment that is inclusive and affirming so that you can bring your whole self to our work.