Specialty Outpatient Care

Except as otherwise noted in this policy, if you need specialty care outside of Student Health Services, you must obtain a referral or pre-approval from Student Health Services to see an In-Network participating specialist for any expenses to be covered by the Plan. Unless otherwise stated in this policy, you will be responsible for a co-payment of $20 for each visit to a specialist, collected at the time seen. Referral required for a second surgical opinion with a board-certified specialist.  You must return to the Student Health Services with all medication prescriptions and diagnostic testing orders for such prescriptions or orders to be covered by the Plan. Except as otherwise per-approved by Student Health Services, all prescriptions and diagnostic testing must be obtained through the Student Health Services for coverage.

A covered child is not eligible to utilize Student Health Services and instead should obtain a referral from Forest Park Pediatrics, P.C. A covered child should return to Forest Park Pediatrics for all medication prescriptions and diagnostic testing orders.Specialty Outpatient Care