Emergency services

In the case of an emergency, proceed to the Barnes-Jewish Emergency Department, or contact the Emergency Department at 314-362-9123. Do not follow the procedures below in an emergency situation.

Non-life threatening medical concern

For those with medical concerns or health problems that cannot wait until the health service is open, Student Health Services provides after hours email exchange. (the after hour email exchange is not for routine care or benefit questions).

After-hours care email exchange: kwinters@wustl.edu.  Please be considerate of your email requests after hours. This exchange is not for routine care that could wait for the health service to open.

Your after hours message should include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your program
  • A brief message describing your concerns
  • Your pharmacy’s phone number, if you believe prescribed medications may be needed

This service does not have access to the health service records to verify appointments or answer other administrative questions, so for these types of problems, you will need to call (314) 362-3523 during normal hours of operation.

Routine calls

All routine calls should be directed to the Student Health Services office at (314) 362-3523.

  • Appointment requests or changes – option #1
  • Medication refills – option #2
  • Nursing staff – option #3
  • Benefits/copay questions – option #4

These types of calls will be returned the next business day.