Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is covered if medically necessary. An annual limit may apply per academic year, unless an extension is pre-approved by Student Health Services. Referral is required from Student Health Service, or from Forest Park Pediatrics in the case of a covered child. If the student is seen at an in-network provider, Student Health Services will pay 100% of the covered expenses.

After the student receives a referral, they can call Physical Therapy at (314) 286-1940 to schedule an appointment. The clinic is located at 4444 Forest Park Blvd.

Physical therapy is defined as the treatment by physical means, hydrotherapy, heat, or similar modalities; physical agents; bio-mechanical and neuro-physical principles; and devices to significantly relieve pain, restore maximum function lost or impaired by disease or accidental injury, and prevent disability following disease, injury or loss of body part (does not include maintenance therapy). These services must be provided by a licensed physical therapist.

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