Student Health Services covers inpatient maternity care at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Barnes Jewish West County Hospital, or Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Covered Persons must notify Student Health Services either three business days prior for planned admissions or two business days following emergency admissions. The student is responsible for a $500 deductible for the first delivery and a $1,000 deductible for any additional deliveries. Student Health Services will pay 100% of the remaining covered expenses for up to 96 hours following a caesarean section delivery and up to 48 hours following any other delivery.

Student Health Services also covers all routine nursery care for newborn infant for up to 96 hours following a caesarean section delivery and for up to 48 hours following any other delivery. Newborn infant means any child birthed by a student or covered dependent. The right to continue such coverage for the newborn infant beyond the first 48 or 96 hours is determined by the “Eligible Dependent” guidelines above. If the student enrolls the eligible dependent within 31 days of the child’s birth, enrollment for the newborn will be retroactively effective back to the date of birth. If not, coverage will end after the initial 48 or 96 hour period.

To clarify: a newborn child of a student’s covered child (the student’s grandchild) is covered for the initial 48 to 96 hours, but is not eligible for continued coverage beyond that initial 48 or 96 hour period.

Preventive care benefits defined under the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) requirement include the cost of renting or purchasing one breast pump per pregnancy in conjunction with childbirth. These benefits are only available if breastfeeding pump is obtained from Student Health Services while the student is breastfeeding once every three years. The student will not be reimbursed for supplies (unless pregnant again before you are eligible for a new pump), such as breast pumps, purchased at retail. If more than one type of breast pump can meet the student’s needs, benefits are available only for the most cost effective standard electric breastfeeding pump (non-hospital-grade) as determined by Student Health Services. Student Health Services may determine that the pump should be rented rather than purchased.