Washington University School of Medicine is among many medical schools to provide disability insurance. All current medical and allied professional programs as well as all new incoming students receive long-term disability insurance. This coverage provides benefits should a disability develop in a student while enrolled at Washington University School of Medicine as well as a guarantee that, upon graduation, students will be able to obtain group coverage, without having to prove medical insurability, providing protection for future income. While no medical student anticipates needing disability coverage, unexpected or catastrophic medical illness or injury can arise. In these cases, this policy provides essential coverage to the affected person.

All full-time students registered in the medical and allied professional schools of the medical campus will be covered by group disability insurance policy (401571) underwritten by Standard Disability Insurance. This A ++ insurance plan was developed to meet the unique needs faced by medical and other health science students.

  • There are no enrollment forms to complete.
  • All full-time students are covered automatically, and the university pays the cost.

For a detailed description of the plan please review the certificate of coverage available at Student Health Services.


There is no disability insurance available for dependents.