Prepaid Dental Plan

All full-time students and enrolled dependents are automatically enrolled in the prepaid plan;

  •  The prepaid dental plan has no enrollment forms. For new members coverage is effective September 1, 2017, a provider will be selected for you.  To find out who your assigned prepaid dental provider is or change your prepaid provider you are welcome to call1-800-733-7879 option 4, press 0, when ask for your policy number, press # this will direct your call to Customer Service.   The customer service representative will be able to locate your information using your Last Name.  Please provide your Group ID number: 5471525.  This number is located on your prepaid dental ID card.All members may change providers every month with a call to customer service.  (Please note if you enrolled last year and do not want to change providers, you will automatically be loaded into the provider selected from last year unless you call to make a change.) 
  • Changes should be made by the 15th of the month.  You will then be added to your preferred dentist’s roster by the 1st of the following month. Once you are added to the roster, you can call the dentist and make an appointment.
  • You have the opportunity to change your assigned dentist once a month.  To search for a dentist, please go to You can search for dentist by typing in your Group ID 5471525.  You may also select the state (Missouri) from the drop-down box under the DHMO or Prepaid option as well.
  • For those dependents not enrolled in the Student Health benefits you have the option to enroll in this plan for an annual fee; $65.04 plus one, $156.24 family.  If you elect to enroll your dependent in this dental package the enrollment form attached must be completed and returned along with the annual fee to Student Health by September 1, 2014

For a  detailed description of the plan:

Prepaid features:
• No waiting periods
• No deductibles for routine services
• No annual maximums
• Each family member may choose a different Plan Dentist
• Fixed copayment schedule so members/students always know their out-of-pocket expenses
• Wellness focused
• No claims to file
• Covers pre-existing conditions
• Outstanding customer service

Anticipated Co-Pays for a general cleaning:

$10 for office visit which includes oral evaluation

$10 for prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) which includes bitewing x-rays

$10 for intraoral-complete series of x-rays (if needed)

Prepaid dental id card

Prepaid directory 2017