FAQ – Dental


Who is my dentist? And can I switch providers?

  • By being enrolled at WUSM, you are automatically enrolled in the prepaid dental plan at no cost. All students are randomly assigned to one of the network providers. To find out your assigned dentist, call 800-733-7879. Select option 4, press 0 and when asked for your policy number, press # to be directed to Customer Service. The Customer Service representative will be able to locate your information with your last name and your Group ID number: 5471525.
  • However, you DO NOT have to see this provider; you are free to switch. If you wish to change to another dentist, call 800-733-7879 by the 15th of the month. You will then be added to your preferred dentist’s roster by the 1st of the following month. Once you are added to the roster, you can call that dentist and make an appointment.
  • Ex: Joe wants to see Dr. A. He calls 800-733-7879 on Sept. 12th to choose Dr. A as his dentist. On October 2nd, he calls Dr. A’s office to schedule a cleaning.
  • For a full list of providers, please visit: prepaid directory

Do my dependent(s) receive dental insurance coverage?

  • Spouses and children are eligible for coverage. Please contact Betty Feagans (feagansb@.wustl.edu, 314 362-2346) for details on how to enroll.

Are orthodontists covered?

  • Yes, partly. The plan will cover 25% of the total cost. No referrals are necessary from your Plan Dentist to see an orthodontist. You can find a list of specialists (including orthodontists) by visiting the website www.assurantemployeebenefits.com or calling 800-443-2995 for assistance.

Have comments about dental providers or want to read reviews written by medical students? Check out this link: (dentist review link TBD)

If you would like to make a formal complaint about one of our dental providers please contact Cory Reynolds, Dental Network Manager (cory.reynolds@assurant.com, 816-474-2529). Please be advised that making a formal complaint requires providing your name.